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Donations & Gifts

We set out a specific major goal which will greatly benefit our residents, and we always welcome small donations of small items, equipment and supplies.  Please show your support and assist us continually improve the the excellent work Simpson does in caring for your parents, relatives and friends by making your donation today.  All donations are important to Simpson Manor and its residents to provide continuous quality care in a secure environment, with family and community support.

Your contributions will help in providing comfort, meaning and dignity for our residents. In anticipation of your generosity, we offer our very sincere thanks.

Major Fundraising Goal

Our major fundraising goal for 2016 is to obtain one very large LED smart television for our Great Room.

It will be used for movie nights and recreational programs which use a television. The smart-tv feature will add new capabilities by connecting to our DLNA media server which houses our large video and music collection.

We are 95% the way to our goal, and have purchased the television in anticipation of the remaining funds being raised.  Thank you all who donated a portion of the funds!


General Donations

If you are considering donating cash, supplies, equipment or other items to Simpson Manor, please contact our Recreation Manager.


Planned Giving

By remembering us in your estate and financial plans, you will make a difference in the lives of the residents of Simpson Manor.  Many of us use the funds distributed by our wills and trusts to care for our family members after we are gone. A planned gift is an opportunity to leave a legacy in our great community.


Please note that substantial gifts are accepted only with the approval of the Company Directors.  It is important that all gifts be legal and support our vision and mission statements. Simpson Manor will not accept gifts that compromise its integrity or financial responsibilities toward the residents for which the donations are intended to benefit.