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Overview of Our Services

Simpson Manor provides full Residential Care Services to our Residents including 24 hour professional nursing care, recreation and food services. Though our mobile partners we offer additional services including pharmacy, physiotherapy, hairdressing and other specialized services.


Complex Care

Complex care is for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home or in an assisted living residence due to complex health care requirements. Simpson Manor accepts Private Pay, Subsidized Residential Care and Subsidized Respite Residents. Our multi-disciplinary care team includes our professional nurses, Director of Care, Medical Coordinator for Simpson Manor and/or the Resident's Physician, Dietitian and the care staff who provide daily care duties.


Recreation services are designed to create successful physical, spiritual, emotional and social wellness through the constructive use of leisure time and enhanced opportunities for our residents to receive optimal quality of life experiences. Integrating body, mind, and spirit with a consistent and effective physical wellness program will enhance quality of life.

Food Services

The goal of our food service is to provide nutritious, tasty and attractive food for our residents in a pleasant and satisfying manner. We have a four-week rotating menu and additional nourishments in the afternoon and evening, and holiday and special event meals are scheduled throughout the year.

Mobile Services

Mobile services (aka allied services) are external organizations which Simpson Manor has partnered with to provide specialized care and services to our residents while residing at Simpson Manor. These services include pharmacy, physiotherapy, music therapy, dental, podiatry, hairdressing and faith services. Personal companions are also an allied service, though Simpson Manor does not coordinate this type of service.