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Private Pay Residential Care

Simpson Manor offers care services that are paid for privately by the Resident and not subsidized by Fraser Health nor the Province or British Columbia. An assessment by Fraser Health is not required for admission when the resident is paying the full cost of care. Not all nursing homes offer private pay services, Simpson Manor has 14 private pay rooms available.

Depending on individual circumstances, private pay complex residential care may be the right option.

What are the differences between subsidized and private pay?

Private Pay Model

  • Informal confidential health accessement by Simpson Manor.
  • Individuals must meet Simpson Manor's minimal criteria.
  • Government does not provide any financial assistance to individuals or service providers for the service.
  • All costs are paid by the Resident.
  • Freedom to select from any Residential Care facility which offers Private Pay services.
  • Is not dependent on home care availability or suitability.

Subsidized Model

  • Formal financial and health accessment required though the Fraser Health Authority (FHA).
  • Individual must meet provincial eligibility criteria.
  • Subsidy portion is paid by the Ministry of Health via FHA.
  • Non-subisdized portion are paid by the Resident, based on income.
  • Personal choice of Residential Care facility is not available.
  • Must have exhausted all options for receiving care at home.

Beyond these significant differences, the private pay and subsidized models are the same. Each provides the same high quality of care from the same staff, and all opportunities, services and privileges are available to all our residents. We adopt the Resident Bill of Rights for all residents, and adhere to the same standards of care. Simpson Manor is an accredited nursing home in Canada.

Note: Simpson Manor offers both Fraser Health subsidized and Private Pay services. Choosing to pay privately does not ensure that a resident will be transferred to a subsidized bed within the same facility. Fraser Health offers subsidies based on a wait list, and a next-available room basis. If space becomes available at another subsidized facility, the Resident will be transferred if accepted.


Current Availablility

For availability of Private Pay service, more information about Simpson Manor, or to book a tour, please contact our Care Liaison at 604-888-0711 extension 100.