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Complex Residential Care

Residential Care has been called by other names including Long-Term Care and Nursing Home Care, depending on where you are from, and when you became familiar with the concept. Simpson Manor provides complex residential care services for persons requiring 24-hour professional nursing care.

Simpson Manor offers three categories of care services:

Private PayPrivate Pay

Simpson Manor offers care services that are paid for privately by the Resident and not subsidized by Fraser Health nor the Province or British Columbia. An assessment by Fraser Health is not required for admission when the resident is paying the full cost of care.


British Columbia residents may seek a subsidy for residential care services from the British Columbia Ministry of Health. To determine your eligibility and level of funding available please contact the Fraser Health Authority Central Intake Office at 604-953-4965.


Respite care is short-term accommodation in a residential care facility which provides temporary relief to those who are caring for family members. Typically respite stays are 4 to 14 days. Simpson Manor accepts Residents up to 30 days, and as few at two nights for frequent Residents.


Quality of Care

Our Care Team is led and supervised by the Director of Care who oversees the provision of care including medication delivery, meals and nutrution, housekeeping and laundry, personal assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing or grooming and a comprehensive recreational and activities program.

Upon admission to Simpson Manor, each resident will have a individualized care plan designed with input from the Resident, their family and our Interdisclipinary Care Team, which includes our care staff, medical coordinator, physician, dietitian, and other professionals whom assist with care.

At Simpson Manor, our Person-Centred Care Philosophy means each Resident is considered unique and we provide care which is tailored for each Resident. We provide a comprehensive recreation program. Our kitchen provides three nutritious meals a day and snacks are offered and available in between meals. Mobile Services, also known as Allied Services, provide additional services which are not provided within Residential Care base service.

Quality Nursing CareSimpson's approach to providing residential complex care is set up as a team approach, which includes staff from all areas of employment in the facility, who pride themselves as being part of the "Family Unit". They are open, willing, and eager to provide the utmost care possible to assist, in not only maintaining, but improving the quality of life for all residents and their caregivers. The Family Unit continually evaluates information and gathers input from family, medical staff, recreational activity staff, dietary staff, and other caregivers through a variety of methods and technologies.

It’s about caring, not simply health care.

We continually enhance our skills and abilities to meet the increasing care needs of our Residents, with regular training, in-services and external education programs.

Our professional staff provide care for individuals with many complex needs. Residents can rest assured that our competent team will manage their health and social needs, 24-hours per day. Simpson has a number of multi-generational staff, and staff whom have worked for the organization for decades. Long term staff have shown their dedication to our residents and the organization.

We have an open door policy, where resident family members can discuss concerns, make suggestions, provide compliments, and receive updates on the care and services being provided at Simpson Manor. Our recreation team helps new residents adjust through introductions to fellow residents and caregivers and facility orientations.

We support and adhere to the British Columbia Residents' Bill of Rights PDF.



Fraser Health Authority

Commonly, families will contact the Fraser Health Authority’s Home Health Care Intake Office as the first step for admission to a subsidized facility.

An Intake Worker will provide you information, conduct a health assessment and determine funding eligibility at a pre-arranged time.

FHA Residential Care Information
FHA Residential Care Booklet PDF

For Information regarding Residential Care placements, contact:

Fraser Health Authority
Home Health Care Intake Office