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Family and Resident Council

The Family and Resident Council at Simpson Manor is about families working together to provide each other with support, share their experiences, and seek solutions to common concerns.  The Council’s purpose is to protect and improve the quality of life for residents and empower families to gain a voice in decisions that affect them and their loved ones.  Residents want to feel heard and that they matter.  Residents want to feel that they haven't lost all control over what happens in their lives.  The Council offer residents and families a unified voice.  They offer residents the opportunity to share with each other and devise strategies for effectively communicating their needs and wants.

Council June 2016The Council gathers generally monthly to discuss any questions, concerns, plan combined family and resident events, discuss recreation activities, fundraising events and to provide education as necessary. The Council is open to all current residents and their immediate families who wish to have an opportunity to provide their input and to advocate for themselves or their loved ones.

Anything which affects the lives, care, rights, and safety of our residents is a proper concern of the Family and Resident Council.  Members share their collective concerns in writing with facility management. The Council provides an organized process for members to assert their rights, share their concerns, provide mutual emotional support, and seek action on legitimate concerns.

Council meetings are noted on the monthly calendar and participation of family members is greatly encouraged.

There are several benefits to becoming involved with the Family and Resident Council including contributing to the community, showing commitment toyour family member or loved one, and personal growth. We believe the greatest benefit is your opportunity to positively impact the quality of life enjoyed by everyone who lives at Simpson.

Family and Resident Council minutes are recorded and available via our Recreation Department, for privacy they are not available online.


The workings of a Family and Resident Council

Family and Resident Councils should serve as advocates for resident rights, care and personal needs, and quality of care concerns.  They can support facility management and staff to create the most positive long term care environment possible.  A successful Council will be involved with other families, residents, staff, and management in a manner conducive to effective communication, cooperation, and mutual respect.  Councils work best when its focus is on finding solutions to problems and identifying needed improvements that will enrich the lives of residents.

A Council should be open to all families and those with a legitimate interest in the facility’s residents.  Participation is important to reduce a sense of isolation, helplessness, and frustration often felt by individual family members.  Family members of residents who have passed can be an asset to the group because they may continue to have an interest in the welfare of facility residents and still need the support of other family members.

An effective Family and Resident Council can provide a place to freely voice concerns in an environment of like minded individuals without the presence of general facility staff.  Families can discuss and consolidate common concerns, identify possible solutions to issues, and focus on working with management to achieve quality care goals.


Legal Requirements

Family and Resident Councils are so important to the well being of nursing home residents that the right to have such a group is established in law. The British Columbia Ministry of Health mandates the Council under BC Regulation 96 (2009) section 59 a council must meet annually at each facility. Simpson Manor exceeds this mandate seeking to have our council meet monthly.

For more information, please visit the BC MOH website below, and we have linked to the Provincial Law/Act also below.

Ministry of Health Community Care and Assisted Living Act (2009)