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Our Facility

Simpson Manor underwent a reconstruction project (2005-2008), where the entire facility was replaced with a state of the art two storey residential health complex. Once an instututional style building, today we are in a modern multi-coloured cedar shake styled building which has the look and feel of a small apartment block.

The facility is designed with a modern safety and construction standards.  The two storey facility accomodates 42 resident rooms per floor consisting of 35 single occupancy private rooms, and 7 spacious double rooms. All rooms have ensuites, ceiling lifts, and a nurse call system.

You may experience our facility through booking a live tour our via the online virtual tour.

Simpson Manor features the following:


Nursing Station and Administrative OfficesNursing Station

Our facility has one nursing station on each of the residential floors, located in the middle of the building across from the central elevator.

Located on the first floor the administrative offices are located on the East, on either side of our display case which houses our awards and some historical documents from the beginning of Simpson Hospital, reborn as Simpson Manor in 2006. In this area you will find our Director of Care our Business Manager, Care Liaison and of course our first floor nursing station.

The second floor is home to our Recreation Department, the office is situated on the West side of Maple Court neighbourhood. Maple Court is also home to our short-term guests, also knows as Respite Care. Our Respite nurse assists with all admissions for Respite Residents. The second floor houses our staff room and the in-house hair salon.

Dining RoomsWillow Sitting Area

Each of our four neighbourhoods have large multipurpose areas which are used for dining, lounging and recreational purposes. One section is dedicated as the dining room for regular meals: breakfast, lunch and supper. Selected recreational activities also occur in the dining rooms where tables are necessary or food will be provided. Based on individual care requirements, residents share tables with similar other individuals. Dining is a social experience, and we work with our residents and staff to make it both functional and enjoyable.

Central to the multipurpose area is our centre of operations for food and beverage service, the servery.  Duing the three main daily meals, our hot carts are broght from the central kitchen and in conjunction with the servery help us provide meals to each resident in the main dining rooms, family dining areas or individual rooms.

Community LoungesWillow Sitting Area

The opposite side of the multipurpose area is designated as community lounges where residents may watch television and movies, socialize and participate in a wide selection of recreational programs. Along the East of the dining areas, a semi-private dining area exists so that families and friends may share a meal together while remaining under our nursing care.

Central to the multipurpose area, on the exterior wall of the servery, a digital display board shows our three daily meals, current events and other information. Nearby, the monthly calendar of events and daily event board is located along with a general information bulletin board.

Neighbourhood LoungesSunshine Room

Though the residential zones of each neighbourhood contains smaller lounges that are used for a variety of purposes such as small family gatherings. Small group recreation events occasionally occur in these lounge spaces.

Each neighbourhood lounge is unique.  In Alder Way one of the two lounges is dedicated as our physiotherapy space.  Cherry Lane has the Sunshine Room which was kindly sponsered by Dorothy Bilodeau in memory of her father, Maurice Cuthbert.  Lounges have a variety of furniture, tables, couches, chairs, television/DVD players, shuffleboards, pianos or organs and some lounges have a patio.

Residential RoomsResidential Room

All residents are provided with a bed and mattress, a night table and a wardrobe. Residents are encouraged to bring in one or two items of personal furniture which are in good repair, for their room.  For example, a resident may bring in a high-boy type chest of drawers, on which a television might be placed and a medium sized chair or recliner.  We provide a cork noticeboard on which photographs may be placed, or some pictures for the wall will help to personalize space. Electrical appliances such as a radio, television, telephone, fans and lamps must be CSA approved and checked by our staff prior to use. No equipment which has the primary purpose of producing heat is permitted under fire regulations, including electric blankets and portable heaters.

Decisions about furniture layout in the room are based on resident needs, safety (for both residents and staff) and cleaning requirements.  It is the resident/family responsibility to clean upholstered furniture brought into the facility. It is the resident’s responsibility to arrange for tenant liability insurance for his/her belongings.

Every room is pre-wired for telephone and cable television service.  Families must contract their own individual services if desired.  The primary service companies are Telus and Shaw.  Each neighbourhood has a common television in the main lounge.

Safety and SecurityDoor Keypad

Occupant security consists of two elements: internal and external security.

Internal security involves ensuring those that wander or may leave the facility without supervision or a companion do not depart the building. It is controlled using electronically locked doors with key coded locks and battery backup for power failures. We use codes which are relatively easy for visitors to learn, yet complex enough for residents not to easily observe and remember.  We ask that all visitors ensure they do not allow any person to follow them through secured doors. Codes should not be shared with any resident, spoken aloud within the facility, and should not be written down and left anywhere within the facility.

The second part of our security is external to control unidentified and unauthorized access the facility. All external doors are locked at all times, with the exception of the main entry doors. The main entry is secured with a secondary set of electronically locked doors using a keycode. Visitors that do not already know the code may use the door intercom located just outside the main entry doors.

Fire SafetyFire Drill

Fire protection and safety is a priority at Simpson Manor.  Training and drills are conducted regularly to ensure our staff are able to deal with any fire or other emergency situation.  As part of Fraser Health, we are designated as a non-smoking facility which further increases fire prevention. No person is permitted to smoke at Simpson Manor.

Our fire protection system has been praised by the Township of Langley Fire Department, consisting of smoke detectors in all residential rooms and common areas which will detect smoke from a cigarette, ceiling sprinklers that individually trigger when the fire temperature are detected, and the common collection of fire pull stations, portable A-B-C extinguishers.  The facility itself is constructed with nine fire separation zones, three vertically and three horizontally.  All walls are designed to resist fire for a minimum 20 minutes, and special fire walls and the building floors separate the nine fire zones resist fire for at least 90 minutes. Room doors and automatically closing fire doors are rated for 90 minutes.