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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simpson Manor an accredited nursing home?

Yes, we are accredited by Accreditation Canada.  Health Care facilities across the country are seeking accreditation for many reasons. We initated our accreditation path in 2011 and received our accreditation with commendation seal in November 2014.  >> Accreditation

How do I access Residential Care services?

Generally, when seeking a nursing home bed, the first step is to contact Fraser Health Authority by telephone at 604-953-4965 (for this geographic region), and arrange to be assessed for eligibility and placed on the waiting list.  >> Residential Care

For those seeking a private pay option, you may contact Simpson Manor directly. >> Private Pay Services.

What do I do once I have been accepted at Simpson Manor?

Prior to admission, the Nurse assigned to your care will make contact you to confirm the date and time of your admission.  We will prepare all the documents for your arrival and we will help to plan a program of individual care to ensure you get the help you need.

Do I need to change my doctor?

No, many doctors will continue providing care to you after you move to Simpson Manor.  In the rare situation, often due to distance, we can contact our facility doctors to assist.

What furniture is provided in the bedrooms?

We include a half-rail adjustable hospital bed, bedside table and a wardrobe.  The bathroom has a mirrored medicine cabinet.  For safety reasons there are no clothes closets in the rooms.

What should I bring when I move in?

Basic necessities such as full sets of clothing, shoes, a summer and winter coat, toothrush, brush/comb, razors, mobility aides. For a suggestion list of items, consult our Residential Care page.

Can I bring my own items of furniture, radios, televisions?

Yes, many small items that are able to fit practically within your bedroom and meet the health and fire safety regulations are permitted.  We will conduct a safety inspection for all equipment and furniture brought into Simpson Manor.

Do you provide televisions and cable service?

We provide a common television with approximately 70 channels.  For residential rooms, no television is provided.  TV service is available from the local television service providers.

For short-term respite guests, we offer television and tv service rental.

Am I allowed to smoke at Simpson?

No, Simpson Manor is strictly a non-smoking facility.  Fire is a significant safety concern; our smoke detectors throughout the building are designed to detect small amounts of smoke.  Many nursing homes within British Columbia are or are transitioning to non-smoking.

Do you accept residents who suffer from dementia?

Yes. Some of our residents have dementia and our staff has the requisite skills to care for them, and our building security is designed with this in mind.

When may I visit residents at Simpson?

We have no specified visiting hours. Visitors are welcome at any time which suits the resident.  The building is open from 6am to 11pm, and night time access is available.  >> Visiting Simpson

Where can I park when I visit?

There is free parking on Glover Road and in our underground parkade accessible off Glover Road. You may also park for up to 15 minutes at our main doors.

What is the door security key code?

Publicizing that would defeat the purpose of "security."  Rest assured we will provide you the code when you visit us the for the first time, either in person or in advance by telephone.

What type of fire safety do you have?

Simpson Manor has an extensive fire alarm system.  We have a policy in place and the staff is trained in "what to do in the event of a fire".  We follow the shelter-in-place approach where evacuation is not necessary in most cases.  We ask that you remain calm and listen to our staff.

How much will Residential Care cost me?

Current rates are set by the British Columbia Ministry of Health, which vary for each Resident.  For Private Pay costs, see our Private Pay Services page.

Do I have to purchase a wheelchair?

We recommend purchasing your own wheelchair that it comfortable and suited to your individual needs. Simpson can provide a basic wheelchair if you request.

What else do I have to pay for?

Residents are responsible for costs such as personal telephones, television cable service, newspapers, hairdressing fees, transportation fees, labeling of clothing, teeth, glasses and hearing aides, and any personal health and beauty aides.

Crutches, walkers, pressure cushions, maintenance and repair of personal wheelchairs and geri-chairs and any other items that are required solely for the use by an individual resident, are the responsibility of the resident.  Regular maintenance of all wheelchairs is required by government regulation.

Do you launder clothes?

Yes, we provide full commercial laundry service for all residents staying longer than one week.  All clothing must be labelled for our laundry service; we recommed allowing us to label clothes.

Are there hairdressing services available?

Yes, we have an in-house salon which is independently operated at least one day per week, depending on appointments.

Do you have a resident council?

Yes, our Family and Resident Council advocates on behalf of residents and meets generally monthly.  >> Council.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, we have an extensive volunteering program managed through our Recreation department. >> Volunteering.

Can I donate or give gifts?

We accept general donations and gifts which benefit our residents in whole. While Simpson Manor is not a registered charity, we have various options for donating and offering gifts.  >> Donating.