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Simpson Manor is an accredited Residential Care Provider in Canada. We are Accredited with Commendation: For organizations that go beyond the requirements of Accreditation Canada and are commended for their commitment to quality improvement.

Accredited with Commendation

Our certification "With Commendation" extends the three-year standard, to a four-year certificate. This is a great achievent for the Simpson Manor family showing recognition of our committment to resident care.

After the reconstruction of Simpson Manor in 2008, we have been moving forward, changing and improving our processes, including expanded health and safety programs, a new approach to care namely person-centred care, conversion toward electronic medical records, and achieving accreditation - a three year process which began in 2011.


What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is official recognition and approval by a group of experts of an organization. The process helps organizations excel at their performance by providing a structured framework and guidelines which adhere to industry standards. Accreditation with Commendation by Accreditation Canada indicates that Simpson Manor has been assessed against and exceeded Canadian recognized standards and has demonstrated health care excellence, competence and performance.